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Cocoa by Ali: review

Cocoa by Ali: review

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe we are now officially back to classrooms, assignments, alarms in the morning and the bad weather. When I was still back in Portugal, I saw on Instagram a new placed called Cocoa by Ali, and the place looked excellent. Two weeks ago, I decided to go there for lunch with one of my best friends.

When we entered the place, it was quite empty, but during the period we were there more people came. The waiter came to us with the menu, and we decided to go for the burger and the avocado toast. The burger was delicious, it was a chicken burger with salad, a spicy sauce and included a portion of nachos.  The avocado toast was delicious as well, it included a significant portion of salad with it, a Greek sauce and hummus on the toast, that I didn’t know that I liked.

For drinks, we decided to ask for the fresh orange juice, but I don’t recommend because it is not pure is just a natural orange juice in a small bottle that only fills one small glass.

To end our lunch, we decided to try the cakes, because when I was reading about this place, everyone was talking about them. I decided to try the chocolate with apple cake, and my friend asked for the lime and coconut one. Mine was delicious, but my friends said hers was a little bit too sweet and we are both people that love sweets.

In the end, each of us paid around 15 pounds for everything. It’s a little bit expensive, but nowadays these new places that look good on Instagram are costly. The staff was really friendly with us, but keep in mind that food takes time to arrive, we waited around 25 minutes to eat because there was only one waiter in the café.

I would recommend you go there to try the cakes, and definitely, I will go back there in the next few weeks to try the brunch section, but especially the pancakes, because I am obsessed with pancakes.

See you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro

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