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Time Management

Time Management

With the assignments now firmly in our hands, it is important to speak about the art of time management.

I am increasingly fluent in time management. It’s a hustle, honestly. You get 24 hours, a third of that is usually spent sleeping. Leisure, chores, responsibilities… It adds up quickly.

The mix already looks crazy as it is. With the addition of reading and assignment work, the load gets sometimes unbearable.

If you are having extreme problems with time management, schedule your days. Open a new Microsoft Excel document (provided by UCB) and create a table. Each row should represent an hour of a day – meaning you should have 24 rows. Schedule your time of the day, so you know exactly what you do in the day. I promise that if you refer to the time-sheet during the day, you will be on top of your game from now on. CLICK HERE to see the one I made as an example.

Once you feel more confident to move on from a time-sheet (I would recommend to do 2 hour intervals first), go about your regular business. If you revert to your slobbish ways (been there, done that), go back to the scheduling.

In the unlikely case that nothing helps, seek help at UCB. A good place to start, in my opinion, would be the Wellbeing team. They are always happy to see new students engage with them.

If you’d rather do things in your own time (no pun intended), there’s TONS of advice on the internet about time management.

If you are confident in your time management skills already I salute you. If not, worry not. You will get the aid if you seek it. Ye olde UCB hath it.

Being comfortable in time management will increase your productivity and will legitimately make you more focused on important pieces of work (read: assignments). I can sure say it feels great to submit an assignment a week before the deadline.

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