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What do I have in my bag for university?

What do I have in my bag for university?


Hi everyone,

I hope your enrolment week and induction week went well. We are now back to our regular routine, and today I will show you what I carry in my bag.

I will start with the bag itself, sometimes I wear a back pack and the other times I wear a regular handbag. I prefer to wear a back pack because its better for my back because I have a small problem and the doctor recommends it.


Inside my bag, I don’t have a lot of stuff. First of all, I always have my diary, where I put all of my assignment’s dates, my work hours, my trips and all the important dates. This diary I bought at Lidl in Portugal, unfortunately I don’t know if they have it available here. On the front page it says “Today everything is allowed”, it is a weekly diary and at the back, there are some stickers.


To help organise my studies, I also have a small notebook where I use different pages for each module. This is the one I am using at the moment.

To keep all the documents that the lecturers give to us, I bring a small folder that fits everything in and inside I have a monthly calendar where I can I see what I need to do for the month.


Also, for stationery, I have a pencil case from Bimba Y Lola, that is a Spanish brand. The pencil case is 4 years old already, so I don’t think you will be able to find the same one. Inside of it, I have a lot of stuff, most of it I don’t use. There is a mechanical pencil, pencil, pens: blue, red, some colourful pens for the titles, a rubber, sharpener, lip balm and that’s it.


One of my essentials is a bottle of water as well, and I have one that I showed you in a previous blog post.

When I have uni until late, or I need to have lunch at the campus, I always bring my food in a lunch bag, and this one is from Ale-Hop.

Finally, I have my wallet (this one is from Mango), house keys, glasses box, a pack of tissues and a hairband.

That’s basically everything that I have on my bag. Probably most of the girls will have make-up and creams, but I don’t carry any of that in my bag.

See you next week and let me know if I should include anything on my bag,

Madalena Ribeiro

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