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Hospitality Work During Christmas

Hospitality Work During Christmas

Are you currently working or intend to work in hospitality? If the answer is yes, it is high time for you to hide in your closet and wait until the terror passes: Christmas is coming!

Ok ok, it’s not all bad. You get a lot of hours to work and that means a lot of money. It can get overwhelming a bit sometimes but it boils down to what you can handle.

It is important, however, to consider when (and if) you want to go back home to visit family over Christmas time.

The Christmas time period of busyness typically starts in November and ends by New Year’s Eve. This means there are two extremely busy months that are followed by another extremely – slow January.

When people blow all their money during Christmas time, they have to wait for the next payday that comes at the end of January. So the first few weeks in January are very slow.

Back to my point! It is up to you to decide for yourself what you want to do with your Christmas. University stops around the mid-December mark, which means there are approximately 2 more weeks in December with no obligations (sort of). Do you want to spend Christmas with you family and sacrifice the extra income – or do you want to go home when it is quiet at work, get more money and probably earn some good faith points at your workplace?

Flight tickets may be quite expansive in the Holiday season as well. You can always take coach or take an uber home (wouldn’t recommend), but flight tickets are generally more expensive towards the end of the year.

I am personally deciding to go home in January, when the flight tickets should be cheaper and I won’t miss out on much work – won’t miss much money. It sure bothers me that I won’t be with my family over Christmas, but I made my peace with it.

Little sacrifices like this we make for our overall well-being are important. As I’ve said before, it is up to each and every one of you to decide when you want to go home, if at all.

Oh, OH! I almost forgot. Halloween is still going to happen in between. But what is one day of crazy compared to two months of it?

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