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A week in my life: First week back to university

A week in my life: First week back to university

Hi everyone,

I hope everything is okay with you and I hope you started on the right foot in this new academic year. I am sure that I started on the right foot because I have already got a lot of big news which is still a secret, but I will tell you in a month or less than that.

My first day back to University was on Monday. I came early in the morning to work as a student ambassador for the event Move Up to Uni, when it finished, I went to my first class of the year. My first class was Creative Media and Events, and it was so exciting talking about all the innovations in the market. On the first day I also caught up with my friends, the ones I have not seen all summer and had lunch with them.


On Tuesday I was off from university because I didn’t have any classes. On this day I spent all day on my couch watching a series on my laptop and I also did some grocery shopping.


On Wednesday I didn’t have any classes as well, but I went to work as a student ambassador again for the same event as on Monday. After work, I came home to change into my gym clothes and then went to the gym for an hour.



Thursday arrived, and it was a long day. I started my classes at 9am having Brand Management for the first time. This module is an optional one, and it was the one that I was most excited about. The class was exciting, and it was what I imagine that it would be, I am pleased with my choice. When I finished we had an hour break to have lunch, and then we went to the Research Project session. Some of you probably don’t know, but since I am a final year student, I have the option between doing a dissertation or the final project. In this last module, the lecture explained to us everything we should know about it, including deadlines.

When my classes finished, I went to work for the kick-start for a couple of hours and then I went to the gym.



Finally, on Friday!! I started my day working again with the kick-start team delivering all the uniforms for the college of food students until 1pm. At 1pm I ran straight to my class, that was Marketing Showcase. In this class, the lecture explained to us what a showcase is and showed us some examples from previous students.

When it finished, I came home and then at 6pm I went to the gym with my friend. After the gym, I went to bed, because Saturday was Open Day, and I wanted to have energy for that.

This was my first week of university, if you enjoyed let me know and I will do more when my weeks are more exciting.

See you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro


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