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The Library Has Moved!

The Library Has Moved!

Over this Summer break the UCB Library has moved! Did you know about that?

That’s right! All your favourite books, Subject Librarians, Assistant Librarians and the lovely people that help you with your assignments are no longer located at Summer Row.

I had the honour to be helping to move the Library assets. Translated to plain English: I was putting books in boxes, moving boxes and then putting the books out of the boxes back on the shelves. Quite physical, if you ask me.

But where do you find the new Library? They moved just down the street to the ‘Camden House’. This building used to be a HSBC office space – they have moved to the HSBC tower as seen from Chamberlain Square, leaving the building open to be a temporary home for the Library.

As far as I know the plans to have the Library in the old Job-centre (now renamed ‘The Link’) are still in motion. The building is not quite ready, which meant the Library had to go somewhere since the 5th floor at Summer Row will be the new home of the Aesthetics course.

There might be hundreds of people not knowing where Camden House is – I didn’t know either until fairly recently. You just walk down the main street from Summer Row – as if you were going to McIntyre House. Instead of turning right to Charlotte Street, you will continue straight and the Library is just to your right-hand side. You can’t miss the blue entrance with a board on top saying ‘Camden House East’. The building has a bus stop right in front of it, which should also help to locate it.



You can, of course, continue to use the online version (and the invaluable U-Search database). However speaking from my Summer experience I would recommend for you to visit the Library every now and then. There’s a LOT of books that might be of interest to you for your course and a TON of books that just might catch your attention.

Do you want to learn how to draw portraits? There’s a book for that in the library!

Do you want to learn about the history of vegetables or read some inventive and international cookbooks? There’s a book for that in the library!

Do you want to borrow a novel to kill some time between assignments? There’s a book for that in the library!

You have no idea where to start your research for your assignment? There’s a boo… Subject Librarian for that in the library!

The Subject Librarians, as I’ve learned over the Summer, are another extremely valuable asset to your studies. They are responsible for the books of their schools in the library, meaning they will most-likely know where to guide you to start your work. Plus considering how nice all of them are, even if they would not know, I am sure they would do whatever they can to help you out. CLICK HERE to read more about subject librarians!

As much as I personally hate it, the saying ‘you’re reading for your degree’ comes true in this circumstance.

If you get lost by any miracle on your way to the Camden House, remember there are infomercials in Summer Row and Mcintyre House that can help you out. Happy reading!

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