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What Is The Kickstart Scheme?

What Is The Kickstart Scheme?

In the spirit of celebration of the Enrolment and Induction weeks I am here to tell you more about an easy-peasy way to access £300 (if you are eligible)!

Kickstart Scheme by the UCB in association with the lovely John Smith’s Student Store company will grant you £300 at the start of each academic year you do your undergraduate course with UCB. These funds are meant to kick-start your course by buying essential items required for any successful student, such as uniforms or academic books that are highly recommended to ensure the best outcomes of your studies.

What’s more amazing is that you can spend a portion of the overall amount for food and drink around campuses as well: up to £50 in fact! The remainder has to be spent on the Kickstart website . If you think that is not a great deal you clearly have not browsed the shop yet. You can purchase anything from mobile cellular devices to kitchenware.

Unfortunately, as with anything in life, not everyone gets to participate. Students are eligible for their Kickstart cards only if:

  • They are UK/EU/EEA nationals.
  • They are a new undergraduate student at UCB, a topping-up student or a direct entry student to any of the undergraduate programmes.

Eligibility may vary, so if you are in doubt whether you could get in on the fun or not, it is always worth to check.

Please note that UK nationals are also eligible for £500 extra (at the start of second semester) if they meet special criteria.

The current blogging crew on this we post, Madelena and I, have been working tirelessly with Kickstart over the past two weeks. We have been stationed in the Postgraduate centre in McIntyre House.




We were so very lucky to see how events such as enrolment or the Fresher’s Fayre operate and evolve alongside with UCB. It has changed quite a lot since we enrolled two years ago!

If you attended the Fresher’s Fayre it is possible you saw one of us running around handing out wall planners. Next time you see us come and say hi! We are always happy to chat with new and current students!

I have personally found the gained experience to be the most exciting part of this job. Our boss, Irfan Jalil was an integral part of every day. Always happy, professional and clearly very passionate about the Scheme and its future. Sophie Taylor from Student Services (now located on the 1st floor at Summer Row) has been a joy to be around. She is clearly dedicated to her job at the university and would split herself in two if she could – to help more students at once.

Going into this job I thought it will be all about administration. Although the core of the task was to be good at admin, there have also been elements of hospitality and retail work mixed in. Coming into the job with mainly hospitality background it surprised me a lot how different it can look when merged with other industries and aspects of work.

If you think that this job sounds just right for you, maybe you’d like to give it a shot next year yourself. All the future Kickstart Ambassadors are going to be very lucky to have gone through this experience. I honestly could not recommend it more.

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