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BA (Hons) Events Management

BA (Hons) Events Management

If you are ready to take the reigns of a successful event into your hands, then follow me. Today I will tell you about my experience with BA (Hons) Events Management.

I am approaching my 3rd (and hopefully final) year of the course.

I started in September 2017, ready for anything. To be completely honest I had no idea about what a proficient event manager does. Good for me then, since:

  • The course is  very engaging and I found it very easy to pick up from the get-go
  • Its ideal for people who are detail orientated and I already consider myself obsessive and an over-controlling human being when it comes to detail! 😉

The lecturers have years upon years of experience under their belts and it shows. And their professional range also shows that this business is really worth getting into. They provide valuable (and relevant) industry examples, case studies, one to one consultations (should you need it) and more!

The assignments are really interesting – they mostly consist of reports with an odd essay here and there.  One thing I am greatly jealous of is the new students are required to do a years placement. This will give invaluable experience and give a real feel for what it is like to work in the industry.

The course is very broadly targeted. I like to explain that they teach us ‘everything that is related to events and a little more’. From the financial part of any business to ‘why is licensing so important’.

One last thing: you do not need to have a degree to start working in the events industry. Right, so why am I getting a degree for that? Simple! If life is a race I would like to start ahead of the others. In other words: having an events management degree will open (or help you open) multiple doors in your future.


Want some more information? CLICK HERE to read about the official UCB course!

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