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Summer in Algarve

Summer in Algarve

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is about my 2 weeks in Algarve with my parents. Probably most of you have heard about Faro, that is a city situated in the south of Portugal, and a lot of English people choose to come during summer.

Since I was little, I have always come to Algarve, but to a town called Vilamoura, because my family has a house there, so we always go there for 2 weeks or 3 weeks. In Vilamoura you have everything you want, the beach is clean, the water of the sea is warmer than in Lisbon, you have a lot of restaurants, and during summer you have a love of nightlife, including 2 or 3 clubs that most of the young people go to.

This year my family and I decided to explore more in the Algarve. In the first night we decided to go for a walk after dinner at the Marina in Vilamoura, where I had a fantastic waffle, my mum had a crepe and my father just a plain ice cream.


The marina was crowded, but here you can find a lot of restaurants, places to have ice cream and some shops as well.

On the 24th July, we went to our regular beach that is 15 minutes walk from our house, where we stayed until 7pm because it was boiling and I love to be on the beach until late, especially when I have a good book.

On the same day, I watched a fantastic sunset from our balcony.


For the next day, we decided to wake early and to go to a beach in a village called Burgau. Burgau is located in the region of Algarve, municipality of Vila do Bispo, and it was a fishing village, now living mainly on tourism. We spent all day there where I had a lot of fun, but if you go there the water is a little bit colder.


On the next day, we stayed in our usual beach, except on the 29th of July and the 30th of July. On the 29th of July, we went to one of my mom’s favourite beach called Cacela Velha Beach, that is situated in Tavira.


We spend all day there, so we brought food with us, and during summer when I spend all day on the beach, I usually eat a salad and if I have the opportunity I have a fantastic Bola de Berlim, that is a ball of cream-filled dough that is Portugal’s spin on Germany’s Berliner doughnut. You have to try it !!


On the 30th of July, we decided to visit Spain because it was close. So, we decided to visit Huelva, because a lot of products are cheaper in Spain than in Portugal. We had lunch at a place called Foster’s, that is an American style restaurant where we had burgers. In the afternoon we visited the shopping centre, and then we came back to Portugal.


For our last days, we went to a beach called Rocha Baixinha, that is close to our house. It’s perfect because it’s really long, so you have a lot of space.

And that’s it, summer is over, and on the 11th September, I am flying back to Birmingham to another academic year and hopefully for my final one as a BA student. Next week post will be about my experience at UCB until now, and during September I will do a lot of posts about coming back to university.

See you next week,


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