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It’s hard to say goodbye

It’s hard to say goodbye

Here I go nine months later, my time with UCB comes to an end I am writing to say ‘goodbye’ to all of you.

It is hard to say goodbye. I believe, those of you who have read my posts, know that I loved my time at UCB. This place made me believe in myself more than I would have ever thought I could. During my studies at UCB, I met people from all around the world that I can today call friends. I travelled the world with most of them and made meaningful memories. I expanded my knowledge and I met some important figures within the aviation industry. I also gained new skills working as a Student Ambassador and International Blogger.

Writing this post, it also hit me that I am very soon leaving. Leaving not only the bloggers position but the university, my job and Birmingham as well. Sometimes we are seeking a change but in the process of getting there, we lose perception of time. Next thing we know, it’s done. Our wish has become true without even noticing and it is time to fly away.

I came to Birmingham three years ago and driven by the flow I am now graduating. It sounds crazy to me. It feels like it has been ages, but it also feels like it was yesterday. Who would have said I would feel like this place as my second home? That I wouldn’t want to leave?

In two weeks time, I will be having my graduation ceremony fitted with my cap and gown and in not even a month I will be starting my Master degree. The idea of moving to a new town and university is kind of exciting but also sort of scary as I am leaving my comfort zone. But life does change, a new adventure is awaiting for me I am thrilled to seize it.

Last but not least, I want to tell that I am extremely proud to have worked with the UCB International Bloggers team and met such amazing and adventurous people. I am glad I have been given the opportunity to share my stories, experiences and thoughts with you. I truly enjoyed it and I hope I somehow motivated you to follow your dreams, believe anything is possible and never give up.


Much love,


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