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Festival Season

Festival Season

Hi everyone,

When you talk about summer, for me it means the beach, sun and festivals and that’s exactly what I am going to speak to you today about. In July I had the opportunity to go to a festival in Portugal called RFM SOMNII which is an electronic music festival. I am not the biggest fan of electronic music, but the festival was fantastic.

This event was in a place called Figueira da Foz, and it is 2 hours drive from Lisbon. I went to the festival with my boyfriend, his best friends and with more people that I only met on the day of the festival. The festival was 4 days, but the first day was only in the campsite.

We arrived on the 4th of July at 10 am, and we got into the campsite at 1pm! We all set up our tents and then went to the closest supermarket to buy food for dinner. As you can imagine, we ate a lot of canned food such as tuna, sardines and sausages. On this day we just stayed all together hanging out and chilling because the festival was starting on the next day.

On the 5th of July, we woke up and went to the supermarket to have breakfast, because in Portugal inside of the big supermarkets you always have a cafeteria with good deals where you can eat cheaply. After food, we went back to the campsite where we just chilled by the pool for a couple of hours before getting ready to go to the place of the festival that was on the beach.

The first day of the festival I didn’t know any of the DJ’s, but I was interested to see Alesso and Afrojack. Before the festival, everyone was saying that they were excellent and now I can tell you that it is true.


For this day as for all the days I wore a pair of shorts and a top, but always having a hoodie with me, because it was hot during the afternoon and then got a little bit cold at night.

My favourite day was the second and the last day, but before I tell you why I have a story for you. On the first day camping, I was bitten by a mosquito on a scar on my leg which caused me to have a massive allergic reaction and forced me to go to the medical clinic in the festival grounds. So as you can see a lot of things happen to me (especially  on holidays), and this situation was bad because when you are camping the bathroom area is not really clean and you need to take care of the allergy or it can get infected but in the end everything was okay.


Now talking about the second day, one of my favourite DJs was playing there: DJ Snake ( Taki Taki, Loco Contigo, Let Me Love You), probably you have heard of him. It was one of my favourite shows of all the time, and his appearance was incredible. In the end, he played the national anthem, and everyone was singing, it was pretty emotional even for him. On the same day, we also saw Ozuna, that is a new singer from Puerto Rico that is getting famous in Portugal with his songs (Impossible, Baila Baila Baila, Taki Taki), and his concert was quite good as well.

The last day arrived, and I was sad because the 4 days went really fast but the last day was one of the special ones because at midnight was my boyfriend’s 20th birthday and I was super excited to spend his birthday with him for the 4th time. So on the 6th of June, all of my friends were excited to see Tyga, a famous American rapper known to form the music called Taste. I didn’t enjoy his show because his music is not my type at all, but all of my friends loved it, so I think the concert was good for people that like rap. One of the days I also saw a person that I was excited about Jonas Blue, who has a lot of famous songs such as Mama, Perfect Strangers and Fast Car. When the concerts finished, we went back to the campsite where we bought a cake to sing happy birthday and end the party.

In general, the festival was magnificent even if I didn’t like a lot of this type of music but at least now I can say I appreciate it more. If you have the opportunity to go to any festival, enjoy it because they are going to be one of your favourite moments of your life.

See you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro

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