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What Will I Watch Next?

What Will I Watch Next?

A couple weeks before we talked about binge watching. I still think that it is absolutely amazing! This week I will tell you the shows I plan to binge watch in the upcoming weeks.

  • The Boys

This Amazon show is about the dark sides of a superhero. Think ‘Batman v Superman’ times a hundred.

The premise is very simple: a bunch of gifted individuals might be hailed as heroes, even though there is a dark side to them. From what I understand the show will focus on a guy, who’s girlfriend is killed by one of those persons. She is simply a casualty of the war against evil. Well this guy gets together with other regular guys and a fight is upon us!

I am really looking forward to seeing this one!


  • Legion

Legion is currently airing it’s third (and last) season on Fox (I think). I’ve already seen the first two seasons. I will rewatch them once the third season is completely out there so I can binge watch all of it. Disclaimer: while not a Marvel TV show, it still is based on Marvel property.

Legion focuses on a young man who is not mentally ok. He struggles with his mental health and has some weird stuff happen around him. Well, turns out he’s a mutant. A really powerful one! The story focuses on him and the overall fight with and within him. Good & Evil.

This show is absolutely amazing. One thing I really like about it is that the filmakers do not hold your hand while watching it. It’s really easy to lose track on what’s going on since the show focuses a lot on mental health, it also has the cinematography as if it were from the view of a person with the issues.

I am a bit biased, since I think that this show is widely underrated. What I am 100% sure about is that the cast is absolutely amazing! Jemaine Clement, Dan Stevens (extra points if you know the ‘Huge Ackman’ reference) and Navid Negahban are stealing the show every time they’re on!

There are definitely more shows I would like to watch soon – I just can’t remember them at the moment. I might let you know about any of them in the future.

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