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Who said flight delays could not be fun? Part 2

Who said flight delays could not be fun? Part 2

Hey everyone! Last week we talked about how to occupy your time when your flight gets delayed. Choosing a place from where you can plane-spot is an option, but today, I will explore what to do when you have a long stay over.

Have you seen those connection flights with waiting time between 7 and 23 hours? Who on earth will undertake such an adventure? An adventurer maybe. Or a person who wants to save that £200 difference in the flight ticket price. But this is not always a negative thing. Yes, you cannot enjoy plane-spotting for 23 hours, I agree. However, there is even more exciting stuff that you might be able to explore in that gap between your flights.

Four years ago, I was on my way to Boston, United States, flying out of Sofia, Bulgaria with a few of my friends. We flew with Air France to Paris so would be able to transfer to Delta Airlines and get to our final destination. We had almost 8 hours waiting time at Charles de Gaulle Airport, and as have never visited Paris before that time we were determined to complete that mission. We got off the airplane and went straight to the taxi stand. Of course, we had done a little bit of research beforehand, but the quicker and also the most economic way, as it was 6 of us, was to take a taxi to town. Considering the time constraints, we did not manage to visit any museums, but we had a good 3 hours to walk around the Eiffel Tower, take a few pictures, and I had the best croissant in my life. We got back on time for our flight ticking off our bucket list one more town.

After my positive experience, a year after when I was taking the same journey but this time by myself, I chose to visit Italy. I had my quick stop in Rome, where I took the train to town, had an amazing Italian gelato under the sun, visit the Colosseum and headed back to catch my second flight.

So, next time you are booking a long-haul flight, with a company or alone, remember that you can make a wish come true. Respect your free time. There is always a way to use it at full capacity and make it worth even more.

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