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My Vacation To Bulgaria

My Vacation To Bulgaria

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a bit now, you probably know that things tend to get out of hand quickly. I love talking about random things. This week’s different; I will tell you about my time in Bulgaria!

During July, my family and I went to Bulgaria for 7 days. We went to the Sunny Beach, near the Bulgarian city of Burgas.


We stayed in a pretty good hotel, on an all-inclusive plan. This meant the drinks (and that includes all the alcohol) were completely free. The meals were amazing throughout our stay. This came as a surprise since they’ve been served as a buffet. I don’t know how about you, but I’ve never had any really good meals from a buffet.

The sea has been amazing. It’s a little too shallow, so as a tall person I had to walk quite far to actually submerge my body in the salt water. It’s pretty clean too!


The weather’s been ok-ish. It rained 2 out of 7 days. And more unfortunately, we couldn’t go and have a swim in the sea 3 out of 7 days. Bummer.

I must say one thing: I did enjoy my stay in Bulgaria this time around quite a lot.

The hotel was clean and tidy with attentive staff throughout the building. Even though they could not speak proper English, they always tried to give you as much information as their vocabulary and the overall knowledge of the topic allowed. The bartenders did quite a good job as well!

The beaches were designed for the tourists by the lovely hotels. You could rent a sunbed or an umbrella for next-to-nothing. What a bargain! Additionally, you could decide to do something more adventurous. Skydiving, jet-skiing(?), being-pulled-by-a-boaty-thing… the only reason why I did not do any of this is because it was not covered by our travel insurance. Even though I could not do anything crazy, it was a pretty good time all around!


Close to the holiday resort we were staying is the city of Old Nessebar. A nice, small city, directly situated by the sea. I must say I loved it!


The sights to see are nice; there’s churches and old buildings. I admit I did not really pay attention to what the sights actually are, rather to their looks. The city is a tourist attraction these days; lots of small shops and kiosks sell touristy trinkets and goods such as local spices or wines!


The stay in Bulgaria was great as ever. The country looks much better than I remember from a couple years ago – that was the time of my last visit.

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And with that being said, I think I can honestly recommend going to the Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.

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