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Who said flight delays could not be fun?

Who said flight delays could not be fun?

Hey everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and hopefully, you are travelling to warmer countries. But summer will be gone soon and most of us are going back to university. For those of you who have already been away, I hope you had a fantastic time. For the rest with holidays yet to come, I want to share how I deal with flight delays and long transfers.

Clearly, you cannot transport yourself with a time machine, and flights always get delayed or sometimes waiting times are even longer than the flight itself. I bet, you have been in one of those situations at least once in your life and you know how usually ends up: with a whole queue of annoyed people in front of the gate, who are nervously waiting to hop on the plane and get to there final destination. Strangely enough, I am not one of those. As a recent graduate in Aviation and Airport Management, I love planes and airports. So while everyone is blaming the airport personnel who did not open the gate 2 minutes earlier, I am trying to use the time to walk around. It fascinates me to just walk around the airport examining the way it functions, comparing the design and planning with other airports and services they offer, but most importantly browsing for the best spot for plane-spotting. It is captivating for my senses.

In 2017, I stayed in one place, for almost two hours, watching aeroplanes landing, completing turnaround procedures and taking off again. Same year but a few months earlier, I booked a flight from London Heathrow to Bucharest Otopeni instead of flying directly from Birmingham Airport. It was just after finishing my first year at university, and my goal was to visit Heathrow as we were always talking about it in lectures. As a result, my 3 hours direct journey turned into a 14 hour trip with three different methods of transport. But it was totally worth it. For me, it was like going to a festival where my favourite bands are taking part after listening to them for ages on Spotify. I went to the airport 5 hours prior to my flight so I could watch the biggest aeroplanes representing role model airlines, taking off and landing every few seconds. I was like a kid who had just started walking and wanted to see everything and go everywhere. To such extent that at some point I thought security might come and check on me after looking at me on the cameras walking around the whole terminal. So far my favourites airports include Munich in Germany, New York in the United States, Manchester and Heathrow in the UK.

However, there is Plan B that also works in cases of delays or long stay-overs. To get to know more about that, read my blog next week.






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