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I’m Visiting Home… Sigh…

I’m Visiting Home… Sigh…

Staying at home can be difficult. Returning to the place you’ve left for university is often as hard as leaving it in the first place.

There are only two things that I find hard about going back home.

As of writing this article, I am one (1) day away from leaving my home after my recent stay for the foreseeable future. While I enjoy having mom cook for me and going out with my dad for a beer, I will be happy to leave; and here’s why:



  1. No Privacy

I spend only a very small fraction of my time with my parents. Moving out to pursue my university studies unificated me (unification = becoming independent due to sudden, yet necessary change due to university studies).

In my personal case, privacy is something that was always in a short supply when I was at home. Having 3 siblings and both my parents live in the same apartment (that’s 6 people for a 4-room apartment, folks), I would just try to hold on to any private moment I had.

As I have left, things have changed. One of those changes, a pretty significant one, is that I no longer have a room in my home. This was a mutual agreement from all parties involved – I was not kicked out. However, every time I come to visit I have to sleep on the couch now. A small price to pay.


  1. Growing apart from Friends

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. I do have friends at home. We just grew apart.

We used to be pretty close. However, as I have moved to a different country, the matter of a close friendship has become quite difficult.

I don’t like to text people much, I tend to keep to myself a lot. No contact = no friendship. As sad as it is, we just grew apart. They went their own way in life and so did I.

This is why it is really important to try and keep in contact with friends both at home when at University and with the friends you make at University.  Some of the people you meet at University are often friends for life.  And remember friendships multiplies the good in life!


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