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I (Still) Hate Flying

I (Still) Hate Flying

If you remember last week’s article, you know that I had to fly. Big whoop, I know. If you, by any inconceivable chance did not read it, now is the time to fill yourself in by CLICKING HERE.

I wanted to compare the experiences. I was clearly stressed, and unwilling to fly. I did what I did for the past couple flights: took a deep breath and hoped for the best. I also chew a lot of chewing gum.

I was very shaky before the actual flight (or even before we got to the airport), I was clearly stressed.

I had my fair share of whoopsies. I wanted to scan my passport instead of my boarding pass, calling a member of staff to complain that the machine doesn’t work. I was explained what to do – needless to say I felt embarrassed due to my own stupidity.

The gate itself was open only about 15 minutes. Somehow it took the staff more than an hour to prepare the gate. This meant that people were allowed in the gate during the boarding time – they just went straight for the aeroplane.

The worst thing, of course, awaited us in the plane. All seemed good, I even had a little bit of leg space this time! If you are a tall person you will understand how rare this truly is.

When life seemed good (minus the flight that was about to take place) a young couple sat in the seats in front of us. And with them a 6(ish)-month-old baby.


Anyways, as I was saying. Good times. Happy thoughts. I think that was the first time I wanted the plane to crash.

They were terrible parents; after unsuccessfully calming him down, they just screamed and cursed at him. That’s not very nice. I enjoyed the amounts of dirty looks they were given by the staff on-board and the rest of the passengers.

Thankfully the boy stopped the tantrum after the plane levelled above the clouds. The landing (which I think is the worst part of any flight) was quite ok. Not entirely smooth but I’ve had way worse.

Even after the flight, I am still stressed. The same awaits me 3 more times in the next 2 weeks. Oh, how I love when scheduling goes wrong.


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