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Any plans for Friday afternoon?

Any plans for Friday afternoon?

How are you all dealing with the high temperatures we have had over a few of the days? 27 – 34 degrees… it feels like being on the beach in Spain but with no beach and in England. Poker face. Do not worry. As we all know and the weather programme says, “the summer” will not hold our good mood longer than Friday. Still, three more days not to miss.

So after living in Birmingham city centre for three years, a week ago I finally made my way to Digbeth Dining Club. It was again a sunny day, nice weather and of course, Friday afternoon with a few occasions for “Cheers”. To make for the lack of seaside, we chose to visit Mojito Beach Bar. Dazzled by chilled beach vibes, good music and cocktails that place can make you forget for a second that you are in the middle of Birmingham, not Fuerteventura.

Not that we wanted to leave, but our bellies could not say less but guide us to the truth paradise. Digbeth Dining Club. Sounds fancy, no? Have any of you been to a restaurant with an amazing review where you go with massive expectations but have your food, and something is missing? Food is not bad, but you just do not enjoy it as you expected. Digbeth Dining Club is not one of those. First, the place came across very small, cute and welcoming to me. No fancy dresses, just good music, good food and good conversations. Yes, that is true. There is food for everyone’s taste, but no one can refuse ‘Disco Fries’ and the burgers they offer. I always try to be healthy, but I swear, it worth having a cheat day for a portion of fries and a burger like these. Last but not least, to forget the Banoffee flat doughnuts that were just the right closure of the meal. This, of course, is not the end of the night as the inside clubs are already full of party people.

Meaning, if you have no idea what to do in the following days of heat, this is a perfect way to escape the ordinary place to go out and add some exoticness to it.

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