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I Hate Flying

I Hate Flying

The time I was absolutely dreading has come at last. I must board a plane and survive its terrors. This article is probably not for you if you are a Aviation Management student; or if you just love planes and flying… or is it?

During my life I was exposed to flying just a handful times. First time I flew was September 2nd, 2017 – the day I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and studies. With my first flight being an all-out life change (I was, after all, starting a new chapter in the UK with UCB).

I was absolutely scared to death the first time around, although I didn’t show it much. Luckily for me the people that sat next to me were seasoned flyers and helped me through the journey.

Note: Obviously they were experienced with flying! Who the hell doesn’t fly until they are at uni age? If you ask yourself the same question I have the answer: kids raised by poor families.

It was the second time I flew back to the Czech Republic in December 2017 that I got terrified of planes. My ears were about to explode from the pressure, my head was hurting and the landing was just… the worst. I seriously thought I will take the arm rests home with me.

I soon discovered that there are ways to prevent this from happening.

To fight the pressure building up in your ears I started chewing gum. The mechanical movement of your mandible helps the pressure – it stabilises much quicker. I unfortunately don’t know about the science supporting this, but if you are interested just CLICK HERE.

The most important part for me was to discover how not to fear flying. I am not scared of sudden death; I know the statistics are very low – flying is, in fact, the safest way to travel. It just feels uncomfortable enough for me to be afraid.

Most people would tell you to just get drunk. Bu this could lead to behaving in an anti-social manner which could get you:

  • Booted off the flight
  • Arrested
  • In a fight (then arrested and then booted off the flight – if you are really unlucky a prison sentence for public endangerment or even terrorist charges)
  • Embarrassed
  • Sick
  • Ultimately hungover

Clearly, this way of surpassing the fear is not the desired one. I am yet to find a method that works for me, this article has been written exactly 3 hours before the plane’s scheduled to take off. We’ll see how it goes.



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