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How to have fun at work?

How to have fun at work?


How many of you were absolutely sure you knew what you wanted to study at University when you were in Year 10? Or if you even wanted to go to university? I personally changed my mind at least twice. But that is normal because growing up while getting to know the world and yourself better is a vital factor that tailors your choice.

But why am I even talking about that? It all started two weeks ago when I was working as a Student Ambassador at the Unifest summer camp at University College Birmingham. In a few words. Unifest summer camp is a taster of what university and the university life is like and is offered on a national level to Year 10 students. Honestly, when I heard, I would have to look after teenagers, I was a little bit worried as I was 15 a long time ago. I actually had the same thoughts when everyone started arriving. Lots of kids with their parents, many of whom this was the first time away from home. However, I got my group, four girls, at first timid looking and non-communicative. We had a few ice breaker activities, failed in building a spaghetti and marshmallow tower that would have managed to keep a Kinder egg on top, overcame our fears of climbing and heights and giggled till our bellies hurt watching Toy Story 4.

The next day was looking more promising after those 14 hours previous when all the 48 participants spent time together with their ambassadors, unconsciously used to socialise and get to know each other a little bit better. In the next two days, we had various activities at the university, like Social Health sessions, guest speakers working in the industry that served as a motivation to the future students. Not to forget the Quiz + Pizza evening that everyone loved!

On the third and last day, no one wanted to leave. My group was asking me if they could stay longer. I mean, they were not as excited about the stay in the beginning. I, on the other hand, felt like a proud parent when their kids are all grown up and about to leave the nest. I know it is a bit too sweet but come on, these kids (I keep on calling them kids, but I considered myself an adult at that age) changed massively from being in their shell to engaging in the sessions, making new friends and getting more familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. So what a better job than the one you enjoy and the bonus of getting told by teenagers how cool you are!?

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