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Moving Is… Just The Worst

Moving Is… Just The Worst

A little late to the party, I admit. I do posses a calendar (and a phone and a computer) to find out the date, however, I am a giant tool. Here’s my take on moving: read on if you are interested.

Hopefully, most of you already know where you are going to live from the following September (that’s September 2019, if you, like me, do not keep track of the time). And because if you are reading this you are a wonderful, clever and unnaturally attractive person, you also made arrangements for your living over the summer.

Most people will go home to their countries or cities. A slim percentage will stay in Birmingham over the summer.

The arranging of a move  is messy, messy stuff. Especially when you talk with a person that has weeks to do their job. But they decide to keep it to the last day. Last… possible… day. Before they go take their vacation.

And then you have the moving itself. Over 2 years in Birmingham I’ve accumulated piles of useless garbage. Luckily enough, I am quite strict when deciding what to keep and move with me, and what to discard forever (without a single second thought).

Box everything up, secure the breakables, say your goodbyes. If you have bad memories to the place I would advise not to damage anything – your deposit is being held hostage!

If you are one of those poor unfortunate souls and hate your new apartment (or roomies), remember: You can either find something else (provided you fill your spot with a newcomer) or just suffer through it (1 year of suffering compared to life with a degree). I might be a bit straight-forward, but I think this decision is a no-brainer.

Moving sucks. That being said, imagine packing you entire life and moving to another country – it’s like being an international student… forever.

And just because I got a little bored with (only) thinking about moving, enjoy this short collection of moving memes!




And if you made it this far you are a star. How poetic.

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