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Keeping in touch over the summer

Keeping in touch over the summer


Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays!

Last week my final results were released, and I am delighted to say I will be graduating with a First Class Honours in September. I am extremely excited! But actually, I felt slightly nostalgic for all of the friends I made at university. I wonder how many of them I will manage to stay in touch with.

How many of you have made friends from Spain, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Asia, or met someone from the other side of the world since you have started your studies? They often take advantage to go home for the summer period to see their family and friends. I usually go home for a few weeks, but I spend my summer working in England. I do find it awkward on a day off when I want to go for lunch with my friend but they are not here. Nowadays, of course, with all the technology and social media that is part of our lives it is much easier to keep in touch. Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp, it takes seconds to ask about their day. Even Skype feels like an old method of communication that I, in particular, use predominantly for talking with my parents only.

I remember going on a holiday to the seaside back home with my parents when I was something like 9-10 years old. The place where we were on vacation was full of families and kids just my age. I made friends, and I kept in touch with one of the girls from the camp. But at that point we as very young girls had no Internet or smartphones, so we used to write a letter to each other and me addressing her as “my best friend”. Thinking about such an old-fashioned method of communication that we used to use makes me appreciate I had the opportunity to experience it. But it also makes me think how many times we excuse ourselves with “being busy” to text a friend or family. Yes, we live in a dynamic environment, but all it takes is to unlock your phone and type a quick message.

So guys, make sure you give a moment of your day/week to express to your closest that you care about them, no matter the distance. Because it always feels good to know your friends are there for you as you are for them.

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