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Headphones: Wire(less)?

Headphones: Wire(less)?

Ask yourself: do you want to live in the 21st Century or in the 31st Century? What I am talking about, of course, are headphones.

More and more, the classical wire headphones are being discontinued in favour of the wireless, Bluetooth ones.

I own both kinds; no-name brands. Today I will give you my opinions about what I think is the best.

Wire headphones are part of our lives. We grew up with them, live with them almost every day. Over the years I owned all sorts of colours and brands – some lasted mere days, some I had for years (Koss headphones – the best I’ve ever owned).

Wireless headphones, on the other hand, are a little bit of a sci-fi new-ish thing for me. I remember a friend of mine used to say that there will be such an invention. He explained it to be a much smoother experience and the headphones, according to his words, would be absolutely unnoticeable. This of course is not the truth – at least for now.

Wires are good – and then they get tangled, stuck, or yank the headphones out of your ears because there was an unexpected obstacle. Ugh.

The biggest problem I have with wireless headphones is that they work based on the Bluetooth technology. I used to wear them a lot when I was going to work – unfortunately some places have restricted signal. Even when the phone is in my pocket and the headphones in my ears (so relatively close to each other), places such as Grand Central seem to have the ability to disrupt the signal.

All in all I think you need to try both. I did, and now I know that the wireless headphones, while more comfortable, are not the right choice for my current path when going to work. The technology is only going to be getting bigger, until a newer device is manufactured. And the wheel that keeps on going keeps on giving, for now.

With that, I think I’ll stay in the 21st Century, please. If you want to skip a few hundred years… you go ahead.

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