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Filming a video for UCB

Filming a video for UCB

Hi everyone,

Today I can finally share with you my experience filming a video for UCB:


Everything started when I got an email asking if I would like to join for a segment of a series of videos about what we found at UCB, and I was chosen for the part of “I found my family at UCB”. When I saw the email, I was pleased because being invited for something like this for me was very important, and I had the opportunity to share this experience with my best friends that were the most amazing people by agreeing to do this with me.

On the day of the recording, I was super nervous because it was my first time producing a serious video around a lot of cameras and I didn’t have any experience before,  but as I said I was joined by my best friends (Antzela and Robina), so I felt better because of that. We started filming the cooking part first and recorded every scene about 2 or 3 times to have the best one for the video. Shooting this part was funny because I usually am a person that doesn’t like to cook at all and one of my friends loves it, so it was adorable and also amusing because first of all the stove was not working and then it worked but very slowly, so it was hard to cook the pasta. After the cooking scene, we recorded a small interview that you can listen to during the video. When we finished the video at The Maltings, we moved to the Ikon Gallery, where I was just with Antzela talking with each other to complete the video.

We started filming at 10am and finished at 2pm. It was an exhausting day that I never thought it would be because since YouTube began to be famous, I started to watch YouTube and I thought it was easy to produce the content. But after my own experience, I admire the patience and talent needed to create videos every week.

Having this experience was really good for my friends and me. I learned that it’s tough to get the perfect clip in the first try but also that you need to be patient for this job and also very skilled in technology. In this opportunity, I was also fascinated with the quality of all the cameras and made me wonder if I should start a YouTube channel because I loved doing it. For my friends, they liked it as well, and they were really happy for me.

I know this post was short, but I hope you still enjoyed it, see you next week with my first post about Bali.

Madalena Ribeiro


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