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Holiday Mood

Holiday Mood

It is summertime, and I am still in a holiday mood, and today’s destination is Balchik. After Greece, it is now  time to visit the Bulgarian seaside. Even though Balchik is just two hours away from my hometown, I have never visited it before. Until today. Me and a few more friends decided to escape from town for two days, and Balchik is a perfect destination. Balchik is situated on the North which can have its disadvantages in terms of temperature fluctuations, but it is also very vivid place as it is situated next to the sea as well as many hidden trekking paths in the near forests.

The town and the surroundings offer you not only the opportunity to get some sun but also to visit the local Botanical Garden, Balchik Palace and learn more about Bulgarian history in that region. Half of the Botanical Garden was being restored so we could not see as much as we wanted to, but the positive is that we bought amazing Rose wine from the local shop. After walking up and down the stairs of the palace and around town for almost four hours, we arrived at this restaurant where we were lucky enough to have some much needed tasty Bulgarian lunch and a cold beer that slightly felt like an Oasis in a desert.


While the first day we were literally sweating even just sitting in one place, day two’s weather turned out a bit moody and did not allow us to go to the beach. It all started in the morning when I was woken up by the heavy rain and thunderstorms (I am like a little puppy when I hear thunder). However it’s not a problem, we had plan B. We received a recommendation for a recently opened SPA complex near Balchik, with all kinds of facilities where we ended up spending the whole day. After spending time in the saunas, the inside pools and rubbing our skin with ice we headed home, a little bit tired but happy from the quite productive two days.

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