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My 20th Birthday + What I got from friends and family

My 20th Birthday + What I got from friends and family


I hope you enjoyed my last weeks post, but as I told you this upcoming post was going be unique. As probably some of you know I turned 20 on the 6th of June, and it was such a special day that I wanted to share it with you.

My Birthday started a little bit earlier this year because I celebrated it with my best friends from University in May because they knew I was going away and they wanted to celebrate with me. They organised for me a surprise dinner at Nando’s where I had a lovely meal and in the end a beautiful cake because they know I love sweets. When we finished dinner, we decided to go for drinks at Revolucion de Cuba, where we stayed until 11pm. My best friends were so generous with me, and they got me such lovely presents such as macaroons, kinder surprise eggs, clothes from Zara, a bag, a necklace from Fossil and for me the most special one – a card where they wrote in Portuguese.


Now starting on my real birthday day. I started my day by having breakfast with my boyfriend in one of our favourite cafes called Padaria Portuguesa and then we had lunch together at a restaurant called Gusty where we shared 8 mini burgers as you can see in the picture below.

After lunch, with my boyfriend, I came home and went to another café with my best friend Laura, where we had some fantastic pancakes and a lovely smoothie (mine was the yellow one).

At the end of the day, I had dinner with my parents and my aunt and uncle, where we went to a typical Portuguese restaurant, and we had this fantastic meal. I shared Picanha (conventional Brazilian meat) with my uncle, and the rest of my family had more beef of which I don’t know the name.


Finally, I had my birthday cake, and I can ensure you that it was delicious. It was a Ferrero Rocher Cake!!!!

Since I turned 20, most of my family given me money, except my boyfriend, my best friend and my parents. My boyfriend bought the GoPro Hero 7 for both of us, my best friend got me a bath bomb from Lush and some creams from The Body Shop, and finally, my parents got me a backpack from Longchamp that I want it for a while.


It was a fantastic day, and I am very thankful for spending this day with my family and friends, but also for having such friendly people surrounding me.

I will see you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro

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