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Binge Watching: What Students Should Consider

Binge Watching: What Students Should Consider

For most of us, the uni has ended! No more assignments, no more lectures, no more early mornings! But.. what to do you do with your life in the summer?

There are two sides to this story, as to most things in life.

Side A: Be a responsible human being and get a summer job. Money will come in handy in the next academic year.

Side B: Be a garbage person and binge watch just about everything.

If you have been working the entire year, you can safely take some of the summer off. Watch things, go to distant locations, live a little. Be a garbage person for once!

I am still working, however I have a holiday booked for most of July. I am not planning on watching TV shows and movies in that time period; I had to start early.

I have binge watched about 3 tv shows in the past week. Oh boy, was it fun (for most parts). I prefer binge watching to the classical 1-a-week system the tv industry is swiftly abandoning. It can also be frustrating, as the season takes about a week to finish (if you are really slow) and then you have to wait a year (or longer!) for more of that amazing story telling.

Which brings me to my next point. The current state of the movie and the TV industry is undergoing a change that I have taken to call the ‘Disneyfication’. Just in case you do not know what is going on: Disney owns everything. Well, not everything, but they are really close to it.

With the new Disney streaming service being just around the corner, companies such as Netflix or Now TV are shaking in their boots. Poor, poor companies. They will be either bought, or gruesomely dismantled. One way or another; jobs will be lost.

If you have stuck with me to this point you might have noticed that I am waffling a little. I will take it all into consideration and tie it together now, just you read on:

Binge watching is a year-round amusement for millions of people.
If you feel like you want to watch something I recommend you to go to a streaming service, such as Netflix or Now TV.
You should, however, re-consider your subscription to these when the Disney streaming service comes along; because it will further the ‘Disneyfication’ of the industry to another level.

And that is all. I might be writing about my favourite TV shows in the future posts, so look forward to that if that’s your cuppa.

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