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A birthday in Greece

A birthday in Greece

It is summertime, the time of sun cream, ice cream and mojitos. Maybe not for those of us who live in England though. The weather seems to be quite moody this summer, and this is exactly why I decided to escape from reality and go somewhere warmer for my birthday. Where to, where to? Greece. Yes, the country of the olives and olive oil situated on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula. But what I love Greece for is the tranquillity that it brings to me and let`s not forget… the Greek salad.

Here is a tip for you. Tickets to Greece throughout the summertime can be overpriced as it is a preferable destination for many British people. But flying out to Bulgaria (one of the closest countries bordering Greece) turns out to be cheaper. So this is exactly what I did. I was already in Bulgaria, so I collected a few more friends from the capital, filled the tank of the car, and we set off on a 4 hour road trip to Pefkochori. Pefkochori is a small town on the peninsula of Kasandra, Chalkidiki. It might not be the perfect spot for those of you who are fans of Ibiza and rave parties but if you would like to relax the whole day on the beach, have good food and chilled drinks with friends in one of the town bars for an acceptable budget, Pefkochori is your place. If you have a car, you can also do a day trip around the peninsula and fill your mind with some truly beautiful views. But even if you don’t have a car, the locals offer ATVs for £45 a day that you can use for the same purpose.


Did I mention the local bakery? I was afraid I would bring some extra kilos on me back to England. Such an amazing variety of freshly baked treats they had.. cheese dough bread was my favourite. But the worst part is, once you get in the bakery you cannot leave without at least one scoop of ice cream. I scream when I see ice scream. Delicioso!

Beaches are clean, the water is crystal clear and as blue as the sky, there are small fishes swimming around your feet and beautiful golden sand. It all sounds quite chilled but to reward myself for my birthday and pump some blood, me and my friends decided to go for a jet ski ride. It was my fourth time doing it, and I can never get enough of it.

I had lots of fun in Greece so definitely recommend it as a summer destination to you guys if you want to get some tan lines while drinking a mojito.


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