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Brunch in Lisbon: where to find the best one

Brunch in Lisbon: where to find the best one

Hi everyone,

As you probably know by now I am from Lisbon, Portugal and I am now back for summer. In the past week, I’ve been trying some brunches in Lisbon that if you visit you have definitely got to try.

For some of you that don’t know what brunch is, basically is a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch and in Portugal is becoming a trend, so there are a lot of cafes that have this option available. Today I am going to introduce you to my favourites at the moment, but I hope to try more during summer, so follow me on Instagram to be updated on the branches/ restaurants that I tried.

  1. Fauna & Flora

Image result for localizacao iconeEstrela/Lapa/Santos

Lisbon’s new trendy phenomenon is called Fauna & Flora. It doesn’t have a brunch menu per se, but everything there could be brunch food. On this day, I ate Avocado on toast (5.5 €) and a smoked salmon bowl with ricotta cheese, pesto and cherry tomato (11€). For drinks, my mum and I had orange juice (3€) and a juice of the day (3€).


  1. Amélia Lisboa

 Image result for localizacao iconeCampo de Ourique

Amélia is Nicolau’s girlfriend (another brunch café) that opened in March 2018. It has a variety of food from salads, to pancakes or even fresh burgers. When I went there, I decided to try the Brunch menu (15€) that is available all day at any time. The list includes pancakes with a topping of your choice, a bowl with yogurt, fruit and granola, orange juice, an avocado toast or smoked salmon toast and coffee, tea or hot chocolate.


  1. Zenith – Brunch & Cocktails

Image result for localizacao iconeAvenida da Liberdade

Perfect combinations of healthy and tasty options. For this restaurant, I went during lunch time, so I decided to try something better for this period of the day. I went with my mother, and we had Eggs Benedict (6,5€), Smoked Salmon Baggle (9€) and to finish the most famous pancakes of that place, Wild Fruits Pancakes (6,5€). To drink, I had an Orange Juice (3€), and my mum had Lemonade (3€).


  1. Charlie Bistrô

Image result for localizacao iconeRua Alexandre Herculano

Charlie is the new bistrô in the city centre of Lisbon and one of the best places to spend time with friends where everyone can choose what they want to because it has a diverse menu and exceptionally healthy options. For this one since its really close to where my mother works, we decided to go there after my interview. We decided to choose a Chicken Tapioca with cheese and dried tomato (7€) and an Avocado and Egg Tiborna (7€). For dessert, since I am a person that prefers sweets, we decided to try the Red Velvet Cake (4€) that in my opinion, is too expensive for a slice of cake.


At the moment these are my favourite brunch places but I still have a big list on my iPhone notes that I want to visit during summer and probably at the end of the summer I will share with you more restaurants to eat in Lisbon. By the way, if anyone is coming to visit Portugal just send me a message on Instagram and I will give you all the tips that I have to you.

See you next week with an extraordinary post,

Madalena Ribeiro

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