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Come, Read About My Friends!

Come, Read About My Friends!

Last night my friends and I were out drinking. Nothing too wild – Wetherspoons and conversation.

We met almost two years ago in September when we started University. I arrived in the country on the 2nd – that’s when I met most of them. Bulgarian, Portuguese, German, British, Polish, Chinese, Indian, Finnish, Spanish, Lithuanian… All of us living at  Cambrian Hall which is one of the accommodation sites for University College Birmingham.

We quickly found out that some people do not like us in our little group of friends. We also figured out what members we would be better without. That’s good – we are only human. Relationships are like a house of cards; a single blow can destroy them.

Bottom line is: there were 9 people hanging out together. Romantic relationships were formed and undone. Arguments arose and got forgotten. There still is 9 of us.

This leads me to Cambrian Hall. It is the slightly cheaper option of the two accommodation sites run by the University due to being older in design and with less space. One absolutely great thing about it is the close proximity you are with other people.

We were meeting almost daily for dinners or just to chat (some of us dirty smokers to smoke – I am happy to report that 50% of our smoker base has stopped altogether!). All because we lived so close to each other.

People got jobs, more girl-/boy-friends, some had to leave the country altogether (I still miss you). Life happens.

Now that we are concluding (or hopefully you already have concluded) this academic year – for most of my friends (that do not repeat or changed their course) – it is a good time to reflect on what happened.

With all but one of us leaving Cambrian Hall to find other accommodation, we do not see each other that much. Work, distance and other commitments are suddenly much more significant because your friend doesn’t live two floors down.

The last time we saw all of us together was in March. Last night only 4 of us got together for drinks. Some have assignments, work, or they just left for their home country already.

Yet, we remain friends.

Friendship is strong. I know that these people are friends for life, even if I won’t see them for years.

Cherish the friendships you make while at uni – they might be surprisingly stronger than you think.

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