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Let’s talk about hobbies

Let’s talk about hobbies

We all need a little bit of a distraction during the exam period. For those of you that have been completing a dissertation in the last few months will agree with me that EVERYTHING IS A DISTRACTION. But hobbies are more than a distraction. They inspire you to improve yourself, they give you that time off from the reality, that time when it is you and whatever you love doing and often it is a time to create something unique.

I rediscovered a hobby I used to love doing when I was a kid. Pottery. Making a small cute figure out of muddy piece of clay. I find something relaxing in the process of modelling the clay into a form that you can later give even more life too using colours.

So, one day I just decided to buy one of those children’s pottery wheel and give it a try. I also bought sculpting tools, paints, and I am ready to embark on this adventure. You cannot imagine the excitement when I got it all delivered. Opening the box, getting it all set up and running it. Rr-Rr-Rr. Is it supposed to be that slow? I watched various reviews on Youtube beforehand, and I was prepared that a £19 wheel would not be as good the professionals that start from £300, but I somehow believed it would run smoother. But “what cannot be cured must be endured”, so I took a deep breath and cancelled all my plans for the rest of the evening. I will tell you something: It was loooong and slooow. But that was just in the beginning. Once you start shaping, it becomes more and more engaging. So, I did struggle a bit in the beginning from the moment I was trying to stick the clay on the wheel, as well as to trying to take it off afterwards.

Here it is, a picture before and after of my first miniature vase. It took three days to fully dry before I could begin the most enjoyable part, for me, and paint it in different colours. I did probably expect a proper piece of art. However, I got this as my first attempt. Even though it is a little bit imperfect, I love it and will keep it to look back on as my vases become better and better. A reminder that all improvements take time and effort.


What is your hobby?

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