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International Shops: The Hidden Gems

International Shops: The Hidden Gems

Good evening my international peers. Have you ever missed that good sausage, cheese or anything else from your home country? I know, I know – they don’t sell it here. What a pity. Is that necessary the end of your journey?

The UK sortiment of goods is quite limited. Most of us are used to have a very broad selection of products to chose from. The UK market is, in my opinion, much more dominated by brands.

What if none of the brands suit you? You really miss that good feeling you get when eating that one thing. Nostalgia rush throughout your body – the smell of your grandma’s garden – childhood snack resembling friendship – and so many other feelings you can associate with that Pavlov’s bell.

Most of you might know this already; I know I didn’t until my second year here. There actually are shops that are dedicated to sell these things all around the UK. You name it and it’s probably somewhere in the country.

It is also good thing to try new experiences and tastes. When was the last time you tried something more exotic than a tikka masala? When was the last time you tried something truly new?

We tend to stay with what we know. It is only human nature; and that’s ok. I urge you to go out, find one of these shops and have something brand new. You might love it. You might hate it. Or just say ‘meh’ and move on.

Buying from these shops can also be much cheaper than your typical Tesco. The buying price is much lower because everything is imported from other countries (where the money has lesser value, therefore the food has to be a bit cheaper). The shop adds expenses and profit to the price (usually about 20-40%) – and they sell it to you – the happy customer.

Everyone wins. The economy blossoms for two countries at once. The culture gets exposed to a place where it usually isn’t. And you might save some money in the process.

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