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Favourites of the month: April

Favourites of the month: April

Hi everyone,

Now that we start a new month I am coming to you with my favourites of the month, in this case, April favourites. If you enjoy, I can try to start writing about my favourites every month.
During this month I haven’t done a lot because I am focusing on doing my last assignments and also spending time with my friends because I am leaving for the summer holidays at the end of the month.

My favourites are really random you can find movies, music, makeup or even some events that happened this month.

1. Avengers: Endgame

If you read my post last week you probably already know that I went to the Avengers premier at the ODEON, Birmingham City Centre. My boyfriend and I were so excited to see the movie that we booked to go on the first day but also so we didn’t see any spoiler’s before watching the movie.
Since this movie as one my favourites you can understand that it is an excellent movie, but for me it was one of the best that I’ve ever seen and if you are going to watch it in the future don’t forget to bring tissues with you because I cried a lot during the movie.


2. The SteamHouse

As I said in the beginning, I am spending this month enjoying some time with my friends. Two weeks ago I was walking on the streets, and I found this café where they sell bagels, and since I tried them, I am a big fan. So, I decided to go there with my friends, and the food was delicious. I tried the smoked salmon one, and it was delicious, but I also had a bite of my friends one, and it was also delicious.


3. Maybelline concealer:  FIT me!

When I was in Munich, and we were going out, one of my friends had this concealer, and she used it on me just to see how it looked. I am a person that has a lot of dark circles, so I need a firm concealer. Since we came back to Birmingham, I went straight to the shop to buy it, and I love it. The colour is too light but since I have one that is darker than it should be I just mixed them.

4. Con Calma – Daddy Yankee & Snow

This one is a song that it been on my playlist since it came out. I love an excellent reggaeton and when I hear this song it just reminds me of summer and how good are these songs to dance!

My last two favourites are some events that happened this month.

First I organised my first event as an event manager student with my group of friends called the Spotlight Coffee Night. The event was a success, everyone gave us excellent feedback from that night including the lectures, so we were delighted that we made an excellent job in a short period.


Finally, The last favourite but probably my second favourite was coming to Portugal for one week to celebrate my Mother’s birthday but also to celebrate Mother’s day in Portugal. That week was excellent, I spent plenty of time with my family but also with my Portuguese friends that now I just see them during summer or during Christmas, so I missed them.


See you next week,

Madalena Ribeiro

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