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Group Work Is Savage

Group Work Is Savage

Group work is stressful. While employed, you will most likely be asked to be a ‘team-member’ and a ‘team-player’; and that’s a good thing. Unity at the workplace can do wonders.

How about group work at university? It is not unusual to write individual assignments, but having a group of people to work with is sometimes damn near impossible.

There are theories, on top of theories, on top of other (you guessed it) models that are supposed to help you understand the group process and what makes the teamwork tick. While I am not trying to deny their helpfulness, their relevance can be questioned at times. I (and let’s be honest: most of us) ignore these.

I am studying Events Management.

This statement says it all to anyone who has ever encountered an event manager: they are obsessive control freaks who must have things done their way. If it isn’t done by their desires, a tantrum is sure to follow – – – and then the revenge.

Put (number) of us in a group and the carnage begins.

Ideas being torn apart by your ‘colleagues.’ Dreams destroyed in a futile goal to get to the next point on the agenda. Mending fences only to burn the bridge later that day. Discussing topics not even remotely relevant to the task at hand.

Last time we met we had an argument about table cloths that lasted about 2 hours. I am being deadly serious – it’s savage.

All to assert dominance over the rest and claim the tile of the Alpha.

It is beautiful, really. We could easily make it to Discovery Channel if there were a hidden camera crew and David Attenborough narrating the feral process.

In the end, however, this is your group. You might disagree with them, but as long as their goal is to (at least) pass, you are in the clear.

It is stressful. It can be draining. It is, however, a simulation of what is to come in your future life.

People have different plans – different agendas. A clash between you and someone else who has something else in mind is bound to happen at some point in your life. Be ready. And remember: ‘Eat or be eaten.’










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