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World’s biggest Primark

World’s biggest Primark

Hi everyone,

As you probably heard, last week in Birmingham the biggest Primark in the world opened! Me being a shopaholic, I of course went there to have a look at the new collection but also to see the Disney café which was the part I was most excited about.

The store has 5 floors,  -2 men’s, -1 the restaurant, 0 and 1 women’s and 2 for children.

When you enter the store on the left side, you have the ‘exclusive collection’ only available at this store!! On the right you have the swimwear collection with a lot of swimsuits, one-pieces and clothes to wear to the beach. They also have a denim collection where you can find similar denim jeans to Zara or even Topshop for 13 pounds that are good quality.


Still, on this floor, you have the beauty collection but also there is a beauty salon where you can have your hair or nails done for a reasonable price. For nail polish it is just 10 pounds and if you want gel polish is around 20 pounds.


If you go down a level, you will find the restaurant where they sell some pastries but also meals, including some pizzas. I didn’t take any pictures because it can be intrusive taking pictures of people eating, but I saw they have affordable prices for the meals.

The floor under that one is the men’s section. This section holds the men’s collection, including clothes, shoes and accessories. On the same level they also have a barber with a café inside that looked pretty awesome.

Now if we go back to the ground floor (0), and we go up a floor, we have the 1st floor that is typically super crowded. The Home collection is also situated on this floor and in my opinion, products from the home collection are some of the best products that you can buy at Primark.  Also located on this floor is the shoe area, accessories, Disney collection for Women, more clothes and a small café. In the shoe area, you can find the same style of shoe in 4 or 5 colours which is quite good because when you see some comfortable shoes, you can buy them in all the colours.


Also, this floor is remarkable because it is where the Harry Potter collection is located!  You you can find anything from t-shirts, accessories, stationery, figures to pyjamas in the Harry Potter theme, it sort of feels like you are inside of the movie.


The last floor, the children’s floor (2nd) is where the Disney Café is located,  that for me is the most exciting thing! When I went there on the first day they were already without stock, and since that day I already tried to go twice, but the queue is always massive, you usually have to wait around 30 minutes or more, so I will wait until everything calms down and then I will try the café again. On the menu, they have some different things, such as Mickey Mouse pancakes, fruit in the Mickey Mouse shape but everything is in small portions because it’s made for kids.


Now my honest opinion about the shop. When I went, I felt like I was in a shopping centre not a shop because they have 5 floors and each of them are really big, but I found excellent bargains there including some home items. The most important feature is the price is still the same so it is not more expensive because this store is bigger. The quality of the products is the same but you have much more variety, so it adapts to all the styles.

If you like Primark, I recommend for you to go but if you have the opportunity to go in the morning or just after 6pm then I would recommend to go then because other times it is too overcrowded and you cannot see anything.

See you next week or maybe at Primark,

Madalena Ribeiro

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