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Residential Trip to Munich – Part 2

Residential Trip to Munich – Part 2

Hi everyone, I hope you had a lovely last week and are enjoying that we are now in the Easter holidays. For this week’s blog, I will follow on from my first instalment and write about the rest of my trip to Munich.

Day 3

The third day started in the same way. We woke up around 7am to have breakfast and to get ready for the day. After breakfast, we went for a business talk from a company called FlixBus.  You may have heard about them, they are a German brand which offers an intercity bus service in various European countries and the United States.

After this meeting, some students went back to the hotel. As the University gave us a tourist bus pass, I made the most of it and went to the BMW museum……


…………and to the Olympiapark.


At the end of the day, we had a lovely dinner with the University in a typical German restaurant. The customer service was not that amazing, but it was quite enjoyable to try local food. At the end of the dinner, we just went back to the hotel because the next day we were travelling for two hours on the coach.


Day 4

We woke around 7am again and left the hotel at 9am to visit Neuschwanstein Castle which was two hours away from our hotel. When we arrived, we had time to visit the village and to eat something because the tour of the castle wasn’t until 1pm. To get to the castle it is around 40 minutes hiking, but my friends and I decided to have a full experience, and we had a ride from two lovely horses.

Unfortunately, I can not show you anything inside the castle as it was prohibited to take pictures, but I ensure you it is beautiful.


After all the groups finished the tour we went back to the hotel. I decided to have dinner at the train station because it was cheaper. Since it was the last night we decided to all go clubbing, and we went to a club called 089, and it was linked with Pacha Nightclub.


Day 5

On the last day in Munich we decided to wake up early again to do some shopping. We brought some souvenirs and typical snacks to bring back to Birmingham.

Around 3pm we took the coach to Munich airport, and around 7pm we landed in London so at 11pm we arrived home to Birmingham.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my Munich trip and if you visit this city in the few next months, you have some recommended places that you can attend!


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