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The benefits of summer internships

The benefits of summer internships

It feels like Christmas was just yesterday, but it is already April… time flies. Some of you might have planned a summer holiday, others are going home. But for those of you who have no idea what to do in summer 2019, here’s a tip: Apply for an internship! It is not too late. Some organisations still have their applications open.

Types of internships

There are two types of internships: paid and unpaid.

Length of the internship

Not many of you can afford to work for free for three months (talking about the longest summer internship), but there is a wide range of internships with varying time scales between two weeks up to a month.

What do I gain from it?

University does not hand it all to you. Graduating in Aviation and Airport Management (for example) does not make your CV any different from your colleague. University can give you all the theory and supply you that costly piece of paper called a diploma, but you are the one responsible for developing your professional skills.

During the internship you:

  1. Gain valuable work experience

During your internship you will obtain hands-on work experience, putting in to practice all theories learned in university. It gets even better! Internships are like mock tests; you are doing the actual task but with a little bit of support and no real dire consequences.

  1. Explore a career path

Internships are a great way for students to decide themselves what path they want to follow in the industry of their interest. There is always the chance of changing your mind and deciding this is not for you, but it is better sooner rather than later.

  1. Develop and refine skills

An internship is a place and time to look at your strengths and weaknesses, ask for feedback and be as observant as you can be. You have the chance to prepare yourself for your future while making mistakes and fixing them.

  1. Receive financial compensation

What is better than getting paid for doing what you love?

  1. Network with professionals in the field

In the working world, it’s all about who you know. Doing an internship allows you to be around professionals from the industry of your interest. You never know which of these professionals may be impressed by the questions you ask and help you connect with your future employer.

  1. Gain confidence

Applying what you have learned will boost your confidence and put a foot in front of your competitors.

  1. Transition into a job

Many companies use internships to enhance their recruitment efforts. If you do an amazing job, show your commitment and your potential for development, be ready to be offered a job!

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