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Apps that all students should have on their phone

Apps that all students should have on their phone

Hi everyone,

At this time I am back from Munich, and if you followed me on my Instagram, you probably saw the pictures that I posted when I was there. I promise next week I will write just about the trip with tips and places that you must visit!

This week’s post is about apps that all students should install on their phones. For example, I am a person that spends five hours or more on the phone ( I know, I have a problem 😂) so I am always trying to find new apps that can be useful for university.

1. Genius Scan

This app saved my life so many times!! Basically, it is an app that scans documents that you have on paper, and then it makes them into a pdf format that you can send by email or even save on your phone.2. UNiDAYS

You probably all know about this app, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best ones, and we are so lucky in the UK that we have discounts for almost everything. For example, in Portugal, there is no other app with the same discounts like this one, and all of my friends wish that they could have it.3. Flora

I just found out about this app a couple of weeks ago, but it is helping me. This app is about not spending so much time on your phone, so you just have to set a timeframe that you need to be 100% focused, and then if you touch your phone during that period, you will pay the amount that you decide. It’s excellent because most of the time I find myself scrolling on Instagram when I should be doing my assignments.

4. TransferGo or Transferwise

Both apps are the best for international students who want to transfer money from their currency to British pounds. Usually, when you move money through cash offices, they charge you a big fee, but on these websites, you can get more money, without paying a considerable price.


5. Moneyboard

This last app is one of my favourites. Moneyboard is the easiest way to track your income and expenses. It’s a powerful personal finance app, intuitive and easy to navigate to get your balance with just a few taps or swipes. I am personally awful at saving money, so this helps me control the money that I need to spend on bills and food for the month.

These are the apps that saved my life from having a lot of debts and from losing my concentration when I have to do assignments. If you know any app that I can use for university or just for life let me know!!

See you next week,


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