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How To Get Employed (Part 4)

How To Get Employed (Part 4)

It may sometimes happen that you just simply don’t have luck getting a job. Why though? Your CV is on point, you have some experience (or are seeking it), you are presentable and polite.

As I’ve said in my previous post, most companies operate online. Some, however, do not. How do you reach the companies – the potential job – when they do not do online vacancies? Print some CVs and have a walk through the city.

Entering the store and asking a colleague or a manager about their jobs is usually pointless. That being said, it quite clearly shows your interest and determination. They might tell you to apply online and mention them in the application. If you do that, they will immediately remember ‘Oh yeah that’s that bloke/gal that came in the other day. [They] looked cool, how about giving them a shot, eh?’.

Some stores might take your CV and add you to their ‘talent pool.’ If I am completely honest with you, they probably crumple your CV and throw it in the bin the second you leave. I am not kidding, I’ve had that happen to me… a few times. Not a nice feeling.

In general, you will encounter the typical ‘look online, silly’ response. At that point, of course, you do so.

I would personally not recommend going door-to-door with your CV. These days it is seen more like a “desperate and pushy” action (that’s an actual quote from one of my ex-managers). So that being said, I would entirely focus on the online job search. You will get rejected A LOT, but you will get invited for an interview. Eventually.

And that brings me to my next point. How do you behave in an interview? What do you expect? Are British interviews some weird rituals that you have no idea about (yes)? Tune in next week for the astonishing conclusion of this tutorial on how to survive.

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