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Easter break in Bournemouth

Easter break in Bournemouth

It’s two weeks until Easter break and I bet some of you are not going home for the holidays but still fancy a few days away. No assignments, no work, far from reality.

Now look at this clear sky, the sun shining bright and waves crashing on the shore. Can you feel the warmth? Can you guess the destination? All stakes in for Spain, I guess.

Nah. Bournemouth! Yes, England! I know, it looks good. It is a pretty nice place to head for a few days. Last year, me and a few friends decided to run away on a spontaneous trip for a few days in England, and we ended up here.


Most probably you have seen similar images. This is because Bournemouth is pretty famous for its beach cabins. They are still in use. You walk alongside the beach and watch those elderly couples sat in front of them, eyes closed, grabbing vitamin D and some tea. Idyllic. You can even book an overnight stay at Bournemouth Beach Lodges and enjoy your very own seaside space with stunning uninterrupted sea view.

It might not be the “party hard” type of holiday but if you are an ocean/sea lover YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Ocean smell, dogs and ice cream everywhere. Wait, am I in heaven yet?

I have always loved that feeling I get when I am on the beach. Not the hot sand under your feet that makes you want to have another cocktail or two, but the cold sand and breeze that makes you just stare at the ocean.  It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty. It is blue, it is green and it’s transparent.

I have always been happy when I am surrounded by water. Who knows, maybe I was a mermaid in my previous life, or a whale (LOL). But the ocean makes me feel really small and makes me see all of my troubles from a different angle. To put my whole life into perspective. You look around, and suddenly the pace changes like in movies. It is all in slow motion, and you can see again. You watch people, you notice details again, you feel connected and disconnected at the same time, you feel full of energy. You are revived, time is limitless, life is beautiful, you are here and now. There is no yesterday or tomorrow, just now.

That is why I loved my time in Bournemouth. I got my beach recreation and motivation to keep me going for a month and a half till summer break comes, and uni is over.

So if you are still undecided whether you should stay home and watch Netflix or explore, I would truly advise you: VISIT BOURNEMOUTH!

If I have not convinced you, then take a look at this Bournemouth squirrel and try to say “no” again.

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