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Last Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day

Last Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely week and by the time you are reading my post I am in Munich with the University on a residential trip. In the next few weeks, I will write about how it was and some places that you definitely need to visit.

So as you should know this Sunday (31 March 2019) is Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, but in Portugal it falls in May, so I still have time. Probably some of you haven’t bought anything yet for your mothers or are like me and don’t know what to buy every year, but here I am to help you with some ideas for this year!

1. Flowers

Mothers love flowers!! It’s a simple present that everyone can get from Tesco or if you want something more unique you can order them on a website called Eflorist, where you have a wide variety of bouquets, especially for Mother’s Day.

2. Cards

If you are on a small budget, but you still want to buy something for your mum, just buy a card and if it is possible just personalise it because your mother will be happier if it’s something with your personal influence. For Mother’s Day, I recommend CardFactory because they have such cute cards.

3. Perfumes

Usually, for special holidays, a lot of shops do discounts on perfumes and gift sets, and you can use this opportunity to buy the perfume that your mother is always talking about or buying her a new fragrance that you think she will enjoy for summer. This year I found excellent offers at Boots but also at Superdrug.

4. Personalised Gifts

Another good idea is to buy something personalised for Mother’s Day. For example, I live in the UK most of the time now so when I go home, and I bring something personalised for my mother, she is so happy because it is not something that I can just go to the store and buy – it is a present that I spent time choosing. If you want some ideas, go to Pinterest, and you will find loads of them.

5. Books

If your mother likes to read, why not buy her the new book written by her favourite author? In my case, my mother loves to read books, so I always try to find out if her favourite author has a new book or not, because I know that is something that she will like.


These are my top five suggestions but if you have the chance, go with your mother to a restaurant and have a nice meal, or if you have the budget, why not book a trip for you both for summer holidays?!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and if you have more, feel free to comment and help me decide what am I going to buy for May.

Madalena Ribeiro

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