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Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

I watched a TED Talk video called “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” probably two months ago while I was having a hard time starting the actual writing of my dissertation. I really enjoyed watching it. “Exactly how I feel. This is it. He read my mind, I’m telling you. No way, that’s a description of me right now!”.

Anyway, I would highly recommend you watch it. Even more, be honest with yourself and think in what current scenario in your life have you chosen to play the leading role of a master procrastinator, how badly is your Monkey controlling you and is your Panic Monster yet in the picture or still sleeping deeply.

“What is she even talking about?” – you will ask.

In a few words, you are scared of the possible risks, let the minutes, days, weeks, even months slide while you are finding bizarre excuses to avoid starting to do some work. But then deadlines roll in, and The Panic Monster’s madness begins. What I am talking about is that assignment that you said you would start weeks earlier, but you waited till the day before your deadline and submitted with seconds to spare, showered in sweat.

I agree. A little dose of stress is always worthy. Stress is a little bit like levels of uncertainty and feeling out of control that leads to more magical thinking. You want to be ‘medium’ stressed. You want to be curious enough to take some risks that are a little bit stressful because otherwise you will not find food or expand your territory. But you do not want to be too risky and be taken out of the equation.

It is just an assignment today, but most probably you would agree that there is a second scenario where you play the leading role of procrastinator again. Maybe to go to the gym, clean your room, find another job, do the laundry (if you don’t you’ll wake up one day and have to use your Christmas socks because all of the rest are in the washing). There will always be something, believe me.

It is and still will be hard to manage your time or the lack of it, but whenever you feel like uni work, part-time and socialising seems too hard to be combined ask yourself this sort of question: How did your mother get her two degrees, husband, car, house, raise two kids while getting promoted in her job, keep fit and healthy while waking up in the morning at 5 to have a coffee and make you breakfast, go to work, pick you up later in the day, do the homework with you, cook dinner, wash the dishes, put the laundry away, talk to your dad, and be in bed at 10 pm?

So you better start taking baby steps every day rather than aiming for the massive saltation and missing the edge.

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