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How to be an organised person

How to be an organised person

Hi everyone,

Now that we are in Reading Week we need to be organised, or we are going to do everything except what is essential. I remember since school, I have always been an organised student who likes to plan everything on the weekend and then follow the plan during the week. During the first year, I was kind of organised, but I always left all of my assignments till the last minute, and I used to hand them in one hour before the deadline (don’t do this!!).

However, now in my second year, I need to be more organised as all of the assignments need more reading and researching, plus I have more responsibilities as a Student Ambassador, Student Blogger and Course Representative. In between all of this I also want to hit the gym so I can relax but also lose the Christmas calories. I’ve come up with some ideas to help me organise my life in the second year:

  • Plan your week on Sunday. It will just take a few minutes, but it will help during the week. I bought a weekly planner where I write all of my lectures, where I set my hours to go to the gym and also my breaks between study days. If you don’t want to buy a planner you can also download some nice ones from Pinterest like this one here:

  • Treat your assignments like a job. If you plan your study sessions during the “working hours” you have more time to do whatever you want, including going out with your friends, watching some series or movies or even having a part-time job, but make sure that you concentrate 100% when you are studying.
  • Another important tip is to make lists during the Reading Week. They are my best friends because you can visualise everything that you need to do. For me, records give me the feeling of achievement when I tick things off, and it makes me feel that progress to the next stage and motivates me to get more things done.

  • Plan some downtime. Whether it is a lunch with your friends or to watch an episode of your favourite series, you need to make sure you have time to relax and enjoy your time. It’s essential to ensure that you feel good because nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing.

So those are my ideas for staying organised and motivated, and I’ll be trying to follow them on the Reading Week. If you have any other tips just let me know!!

Madalena Ribeiro

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