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Butterflies in my stomach

Butterflies in my stomach

Hello everyone!

I am Eve, and this is my first blog as a UCB International Blogger. I spent some time thinking how to start this off: By giving you a bit of advice about work, assignments, uni life overall, etc…

But then I tried to put myself in your shoes (as I have already been) and decided to tell you that you are not alone! I felt the same way! I had those butterflies of nervousness in my stomach not precisely when I got accepted but just before Security checks at the airport flying to Birmingham, when I entered the door of the student accommodation and when I first had to go for a lecture and meet my colleagues.

In more detail…

February has just past, and the new wave of freshers are overflowing at University College Birmingham. International and Erasmus students are timidly looking for their lecture rooms while making new friends. Computer rooms are full again after the long Christmas break and while I am calculating the number of hours that I need to make up to complete my dissertation, my mind unexpectedly shifts back to my mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement just before my first year at UCB. Moving from a different country, speaking a foreign language and looking for a part-time job that can pay my bills were factors to stress about.

However, I did not expect the amount of positive emotions that were to overwhelm me just a few days after settling in. Did I say a few days? A few minutes, I meant!

First time in student halls

As I walk in, I see a bunch of people from at least four different nationalities all smiling at me: “Hello! How are you? Are you on this floor? Nice to meet you!” Not too bad for a beginning, right? But I believe that after ferrying back and forth through the common room with three separate big suitcases, each with a box on top, they realised they are dealing with a person with serious object affection issues. I kid… Or maybe not.

It was my first day at uni, and I LOVED IT! I even made friends having in mind how selectively social I am. And you cannot guess, he is from Thailand! When I was applying for Aviation and Airport Management, I would have never said my colleagues will be from all over the world: Thailand, India, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Romania… you name it. And not a single Bulgarian but me.

Now I walk down the stairs, and I can confidently say that the last almost three years were the best of my life and it was worth the blood, sweat and tears. I would say that I would happily go through this experience again, but let’s be real, three years are enough, and I am ready to open a new chapter in my life.

To those of you for whom all these things seem to be too hard to deal with, I just wanted to pump you with a little bit more courage because it is all possible and not as hard as it looks. Just a bit harder. 😀

In my posts, I will share my experience related to my years at UCB and life in general. I will give you an inside view of my course (Aviation and Airport Management) with a little bit more detail about placements, field trips (to all of the free spirits and adventure travellers out there), pass you some study tips and share stuff I am passionate about. I cannot leave out the fun, so definitely be prepared to hear more about the social activities that student life at UCB offers and a guide through managing your part-time job (as this, believe it or not, can be fun as well).

Thank you for reading and follow my account for some more interesting, adventurous, humorous and educational stories of what I love about my experience at UCB.

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