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Welcome tourists and future tourism students!!!

Welcome tourists and future tourism students!!!

You’re probably reading this blog, thinking what is tourism and what is it about. You might not even be a tourism student, but you are just fascinated with tourism in general, as it is something a lot of young people do get involved in, wanting to travel the world and explore different things.

Quickly, just a brief explanation on what tourism is, as some of you might not know already: Tourism can be described as activities of either an individual or group traveller, wanting to visit places outside their usual environment, whether this is for pleasure, business or other purposes.

I personally studied a BSc International Tourism Management at University College Birmingham and I am now doing it at MSc (master’s) level. In this course, you have an optional placement which allows you to visit different destinations of your choice, agreed with your lecturer. During the undergraduate course, there was the opportunity to visit Spain and some of the surrounding islands close to it, for work experience purposes. This consisted of students attending lectures at a partner university abroad and working part-time also. As for the master’s level, the same opportunity has been offered, but to Tenerife. Again, the placement is optional, but I would advise any tourism student to at least do this for a few months to gain new knowledge in another country and learn about the culture, as this helps boost career and job opportunities for travel students.

An interesting module I engaged in within BSc International Tourism Management was Dark Tourism, so much so that it influenced me to choose that subject to cover in my 10,000-word dissertation. Dark Tourism covered dark themes which had a lot to do with death. Examples of this includes Auschwitz, The World War, Hurricane Katrina, Vietnam War and slavery which is something I am very passionate about as a minority. For my master’s currently the literature I have thoroughly taken pleasure in is the module of the Tourist Experience, which focuses on the psychological, motivational aspects that motivate a traveller to travel somewhere.

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Stockholm city centre, Sweden


Luckily for me, my course is 100% coursework and doesn’t include assignments, which is a lot of students’ dream come true to be very honest. I feel pretty good about my course and I would advise anyone currently studying tourism or looking to study it to watch the news, and subscribe to as many travel sites as possible to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world, especially in terms of tourism. These questions will come up in class, and it’s better to have knowledge not only for your assignments but for yourself also.

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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The most exciting part of International Tourism Management is residential visits. In the first year, I visited Barcelona, the second year I went to Sweden, and in my final year, I travelled to Iceland. All amazing destinations which were out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to new people, new food, more knowledge about other traditions and lots more. In my master’s degree currently, we are planning to visit North Cyprus! So I look forward to visiting there and updating you all!

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Lots of love Lizzy xxx

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